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What We Do providing customized materials testing systems & solutions


    MICROTEST offers a broad choice of testing accessories. The utility of our testing systems is further enhanced by a complete range of grips, fixtures, load cells and extensometers for general purpose and custom testing applications. Furthermore, MICROTEST testing systems are in full compatibility with the auxiliary testing equipment, such as video extensometers, test cams, environmental chambers, furnaces and temperature-controlled fluid baths.

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  • Data acquisition and control software TESTING SOFTWARE

    MICROTEST develops powerful and user-friendly testing software for different types of materials testing applications. Our modular software packages are designed in such a way that provide the operator with utmost flexibility for modifying the preset standards-compliant test methods or creating new ones, designing complex test sequences, configuring and controlling the testing system, running tests, analyzing test data and reporting test results using standard or custom-built templates.

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    Our powerful control electronics provide digital closed-loop servo control, data acquisition, transducer conditioning and advanced safety features for our testing systems to conduct mechanical tests on different types of materials and components. Furthermore, MICROTEST designs and engineers a wide range of force transducers, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, extensometers, strain gauge measuring instruments, etc. in different formats and capacities.

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  • Materials testing equipments TESTING SYSTEMS

    MICROTEST has over 20 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of high-quality testing systems with capacities ranging from 500N to 5000kN. Our testing systems are carefully designed to meet the requirements of all relevant materials testing standards. Furthermore, the testing systems can be customized for intended applications and individual testing requirements.

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    When your testing needs change or the performance of your testing system begins to decline, sometimes all that’s needed is an upgrade or repair of an existing piece of testing equipment. MICROTEST engineers are specialists at upgrading and repairing virtually any type of testing equipment, whether it’s one of our models or testing equipment made by other manufacturers.

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    MICROTEST provides onsite & factory accredited calibration services to verify and/or calibrate force measuring instruments and testing machines. In addition to MICROTEST products, testing machines and instruments made by other manufacturers can also be calibrated to the national and international calibration standards and procedures with maximum accuracy.

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Microtest S.A. High quality materials testing systems and expert service since 1993

scientific & technical expertise | superior product & service quality | reliability in materials testing | great ability to customize a testing equipment as per individual testing requirements

pericia científica y técnica | calidad superior de productos y servicio | fiabilidad en pruebas de materiales | gran capacidad de personalizar un equipo de pruebas según los requisitos individuales

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