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R&D project funded by Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)

Nº IDI-20180093


FUNDING: centre for the development of industrial technology (CDTI)

PROJECT PERIOD:  04/12/2017  –  31/12/2019

PROJECT STATUS:  under development

TITLE:  development of high temperature gas jet erosion test system by impact of solid particles

OBJECTIVE:  design, development and manufacturing of the first high temperature gas jet erosion testing equipment capable of measuring the erosion of different materials by impact of solid particles of different nature at high temperature temperature (HTSPE).

This new testing equipment will make it possible to study and measure erosion under conditions very similar to those found in real industrial environments, where erosion is a serious problem. The results and information obtained by this erosion testing equipment will help the investigators in two different aspects:

1) Searching for a systematic solution to address the erosion problem caused by solid particles at high temperature

2) Gathering the necessary information to develop new materials resistant to this type of erosive wear

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