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MICROTEST load cells and other force transducers feature high precision, advanced load cell technology for faster testing and reduction of inertial errors and auto identification/calibration. These transducers include self-identification (recognition) electronics placed in the connector directly attached to them, automating the recognition and calibration of the mentioned transducers by the testing system. Automatic recognition and electrical calibration of the transducers means simple, error-free operation.

The load cells supplied with our testing systems are designed and manufactured by Microtest specifically to be suitable for the most demanding materials testing applications. Before delivery, each load cell is calibrated together with the testing machine and measurement and control electronics as a complete system. The accompanying factory calibration certificate includes all the information relevant to load measurement system. The supplied load cell(s) are tested for precision, linearity, repeatability, reproducibility, hysteresis, creep, sensitivity and so on, and calibrated using a calibration apparatus that is traceable to ISO 7500-1, with a measurement uncertainty that does not exceed one third of the permissible error of the load cell.

Meeting the criteria of ISO 17025, MICROTEST calibration laboratory has been accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for the calibration of force measurement instruments according to ISO 376 and universal testing machines according to ISO 7500-1. Microtest uniaxial testing machines and their load measuring system meet or exceed the requirements of the highest applicable testing standards, including ISO 7500-1 accuracy class 0.5.


low profile (pancake type) strain gage load cells

Capacity: 1 kN | 600 kN 


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