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MICROTEST has over 20 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of high-quality testing systems with capacities ranging from 50 N (or even lower) to 10,000 kN. Our testing systems are carefully designed to meet the requirements of all relevant materials testing standards (ISO, ASTM, DIN, etc.). Furthermore, the testing systems can be customized for intended applications and individual testing requirements.

MICROTEST has already supplied several hundreds of materials testing systems to various governmental organizations, public universities and research centers as well as private companies and institutes (automotive, aerospace, construction, steel, food, etc.) all over the world. MICROTEST testing systems are high performance and easy to operate, providing an ideal balance between functionality and cost. These testing systems are suitable for performing diverse mechanical tests on a wide variety of materials and components, whether for routine quality control and product testing or research projects and activities.

Our testing systems are extensively used worldwide in universities and research centers as well as a broad range of industries from metals, polymers and composites to concrete, textiles and fibers particularly in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, biomedical and construction sectors. MICROTEST testing systems are categorized as following:

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