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Servohydraulic testing machines for fatigue and dynamic tests, and compresion and tensile tests. Are defined according to the needs in terms of range of force, displacement amplitude, frequency range, speed of loading or deformation, etc. Load ranges from 10kN to 5000 kN or more. For typical fatigue or dynamic behavior, can be completed with multiple options in both test accessories (clamps, tools, etc..), as well as transducers (force, deformation, etc.). The servo control and measurement system SCM4000, developed for dynamic tests offers great power to these machines. The test frames of EFH Series are specially designed for fatigue testing tensile / compression, alternate (or waveform), as well as bending tests on a variety of materials: plastic, ceramic, metal, polymers, composites, etc.

Testing equipment for dinamic and fatige tests


dynamic and fatigue servohydraulic testing machines

Capacity: 10 kN to 5000 kN

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