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Microtest S.A. offers calibration laboratory for force transducers and test machines generating load. In October 2012, Microtest obtains the ENAC accreditation according to the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (CGA-ENAC-LEC). Laboratory operations cover:

  • The calibration of load transducers and general dynamometers from 50 N to 2,000 kN in compression or traction, according to the standard UNE-EN ISO 376:2011.
  • Testing machines, calibration equipment, electromechanical force generators, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic machines and general force measurement system according to the standards UNE-EN ISO 7500-1:2018 y UNE-EN ISO 12390-4:2001.

Our range of capacity allow us to calibrate and verify the most of testing equipment in either our laboratory or in-site where your testing equipment is located. Our technicians will calibrate all Microtest testing equipment. Small devices can be sent to our permanent laboratory or we can visit you to on-site calibrate you testing materials equipment.


ENAC Accreditation Certificate

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