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servohydraulic universal testing machines

12 March, 2017

Hydraulic static testing equipments

Universal servo hydraulic testing machines with a capacity from 10 kN up to 5000 kN, fully computer controlled, to perform static tensile tests on metallic materials. These testing machines are basically consisted of:

  • Strong loading frame with a reading strain gage load cell built into the piston.
  • Computer Controlled System SCM3000 and software, for the data acquisition, control and processing.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack, adapted to the users specific needs (built in a console.): range of force, speed, stroke, type of control, etc.

It is possible to carry out flexion, compression, bending, hardness, dishing tests, according to the International Standards by using the suitable devices. The machine is supplied complete with loading frame, control system SCM3000 and hydraulic power unit.

Control and data acquisition software SCM3000 testing software for static materials testing

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