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single column electromechanical UTM

14 March, 2017

Electromechanical testing equipment


Microtest EM0 Series universal testing systems are single column tabletop electromechanical testing machines suitable for performing tensile, compression, flexure/bend, shear, friction, peel, tear and low-frequency cyclic testing where the maximum required force is less than 10 kN and lab space is limited.These testing systems integrate a digital closed-loop servo control system with a reliable electromechanical drive to perform tests in load, position (displacement) and strain control modes at force capacities ranging from 500 N to 10 kN.

The EM0 Series universal testing systems provide a single-zone test area in which the test specimens can be loaded/unloaded with minimal effort. A wide choice of load cells, extensometers, grips, specimen holders, fixtures and other testing accessories allow the EM0 Series testing frames to be used for accurate and repeatable mechanical testing of plastics, polymers, composites, rubber, textiles, fibers, wires, cords, yarns, threads, medical devices, small components, thin films, paper products, adhesives, foams and many more.

Control and data acquisition software

SCM3000 testing software for static materials testing

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