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Electromechanical creep testing machines

13 March, 2017

Creep testing equipment

The EM1/10…250E/H-HTRP is a modified EM1 stand-alone electromechanical machine specifically designed for high temperature creep testing applications.

Its compact design consumes a minimal amount of laboratory space while performing tension tests on a variety of materials. It is also possible to adapt this type of machine for other type of tests: compression or shear tests, for example. Rigid-column construction with single-screw drive provides precise alignment during testing procedures. Columns are treated and hard-chrome plated for extended life and durability.

The features of this system include an advanced version of the SCM3000 system for machine control, measurement of quantities and data recording during long term tests.

Control and data acquisition software SCM3000 testing software for static materials testing

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