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hydraulic compression testing machines for creep tests

12 March, 2017

Hydraulic testing equipment for Creep applications

MICROTEST F-ECH hydraulic compression testing machines are designed to perform creep compression test on concrete, rock, soil or new material samples, The duration of this type of tests ranges from days to several years. They are built in capacities ranging from 100 kN to 5000 kN or more, under demand. These machines are designed not only to fulfill the requirements of standard tests but also the specifications related with research in mechanical properties of new materials. In F-ECH systems, the load is applied by means of a hydraulic cylinder in a two or four columns high stiffness testing frame. The system includes an integrated load maintaining system by means of a pressure N2 accumulator system. This hydro-pneumatic device allows a high stability of the applied force during long periods of time.

Control and data acquisition software

SCM3000 testing software for static materials testing

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