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servohydraulic multiaxial testing machines

8 March, 2017

Multiaxial testing equipments

MICROTEST MAEFH Series servo-controlled multiaxial (biaxial and triaxial) testing machines are suitable for testing different type of materials: steel, aluminum alloys, fiber reinforced composites such as plastics, glass fiber reinforced epoxy, graphite fiber reinforced epoxy etc.

Loading capacities: from 5 kN to 500 kN along each axis (synchronized tensile/compressive loading along perpendicular directions).

Load frame size depends on the application and sample size. MICROTEST MAEFH Series are servohydraulic testing systems with complete set of elements for individual axial tests or combined multi-axial tests. These testing machines include a high Stiffness multi axis testing frame with 4 servohydraulic actuators in the case of biaxial testing machines and 6 servohydraulic actuators for triaxial testing systems. The actuators are working in pairs in two orthogonal axis. The actuators can be individually controlled and programmed for independent or synchronized control load, position or strain.

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