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Pin-on-Disk tribometer for wear and friction testing

9 March, 2017

pin on disk friction testing equipment



The control of the friction and wear in movable pieces of machines is a critical element to face in the industry. It is important to have comparable data of analyses obtained during years, with variable humidity and temperature and/or in the presence of lubricants. The fields of application of these tests are, among others:

  • New materials (ceramic, metals, polymers)
  • Lubricants and oil additives in auto-lubricating systems
  • Quality assurance

The most common asymmetric test rigs employ a pin or a ball pressed against a disk on the flat surface of the disk (pin-on-disk, ball-on-disk). The pin-on-disk tribometer serves for the investigation and simulation of friction and wear processes under sliding conditions. It can be operated for solid friction without lubrication and for boundary lubrication with liquid lubricants. Thus both material and lubricant tests can be executed. According to the standard test (ASTM G99) principle a stationary test specimen (pin or ball) with a defined normal force is pressed against the surface of another test specimen placed on the rotary disk. The normal force is applied over the pin or ball by means of a set of dead weights between 0 N and 60 N (other ranges under demand). This way of application allows a stable force during the test.


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