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micro Indentation and scratch tester

9 March, 2017

MTR3 Series - Featured Image

The MTR3 is an equipment designed for characterizing the surface mechanical properties of thin films, substrate influence, and coatings and so on. Specifically, the above mentioned characterization it is carried by means of two families of already popular tests in scientific world. They are: micro indentación test (ISO 14577:2005 “Metallic materials. Instrumented indentation test for hardness and materials parameters”), and scratch test (ISO 1071-3:2005 “Advanced technical ceramics. Methods of test for ceramic coatings. Determination of adhesion and other mechanical failure modes by a scratch test”, ASTM G171 “Scratch hardness of materials using a diamond stylus”). At MICROTEST we understand that the above mentioned tests are completely additional each other. As a result, test equipment MTR3 integrates, in the same equipment, both a micro indentator and a scratch tester. That characteristic normally is resolved by means of two test machines.


TriboTester testing software for tribological testing 

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