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air jet erosion tester in accordance with ASTM G76

9 March, 2017

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A shot blasting equipment for determination of material loss due to erosion caused by particle impacts. Abrasive particles are accelerated by air jet. General test parameters are in accordance with ASTM G76-04 standard.

Results obtained with this equipment facilitates determination of erosion wear rate of tested materials under test specific conditions. Importance and meaning of test method in order to characterize the wear behavior of the material depends on many factors related with conditions and test method. Correlation degree between test results using different methods is a user task.



  •  Desktop test cabin, with security glass window for observation. Includes interior lighting and lateral entries for handling gloves.
  • Abrasive deposit. Feeding through aspiration.
  • Compressed air input.
  • Air blasting device with WC nozzle (Length: 50 mm, interior diameter: 1.25 or 1.5 mm).
  • Working zone (approx. 300x250x180 mm) with sample holder for samples according ASTM G76-04 standard (10x30x2 mm). Possibility to modify impact angle (up to 80 º) and distance between nozzle and sample (typically 10 ± 1 mm). 

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