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MTEM4 Series

The MICROTEST Universal Tribometer is a modular multi-test equipment fully automatic and computer controlled. It is supplied with its own floor standing bench. The structure is made in steel and the plate bases are in cast and steel to minimize the effect of vibration during tests. The control system includes the personal computer and the installed software. This basic platform of this Universal Tribometer consists of a vertical load frame with a double screw electromechanical assembly driven by a servo DC electric motor. This system is used to apply the controlled vertical load. Depending on the model, normal forces are from 60N to up to 1000N. It includes an optical encoder for a continuous measuring of the crosshead position that allows also the control of the test speed. Different interchangeable modules and sensors can be adapted to this platform and controlled by computer.

The Four axis motion control system allows the full automation of test sequences by using our Tribotester MT software. Tests are defined by a sequence of steps, each step containing parameters as set-point, number of cycles, speed, data recording rates and alarm level information. The vertical load is applied by the vertical crosshead (Z axis electromechanical system) and the force is controlled and measured by the vertical load cell in the load carrier.

The system is delivered fully and precisely calibrated with traceable ENAC certificates for the involved quantities, for in situ measurement of friction.


TriboTester testing software for tribological testing 

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