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modular linear reciprocating and fretting tribometers

9 March, 2017

MTFR Series

MICROTEST MTFR/XXX/Ni, is a fully automatic and computer controlled, reciprocating/ fretting tribometer. Interchangeable modules can be adapted for different type of tests. Different sensor systems and instrumentation can also be added to fulfill individual testing requirements. For this proposal, a linear displacement (reciprocating) drive system along with a high temperature furnace are proposed according to the technical specifications of this tender. Microtest MTFR/XXX/Ni is a high frequency reciprocating tribometer very versatile and suitable for studying the fretting wear characteristics of a wide range of materials and components with different sample geometries.

 The basic module allows the use of the equipment for linear reciprocating tests: evaluation of lubricants, materials, components, coatings and surface treatments. The combination with different modules expands its capabilities: high temperature tests, wear fretting tests under normal load, pin-on-disk module, lubrication tests, tribo-corrosion, etc. The equipment can be adapted easily to different contact conditions, including adaption to different sample sizes and shapes. Depending on the range of use, the tribometer can be manufactured to cover strokes from a few micrometers to 30mm or even more. The range of frictional force can reach 1500N or even 2000N in our special version. Typical values of nominal frictional forces are: 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 1500N and 2000N. The use of linear voice coil actuators allows us to offer a wide range of frequencies from <0.1Hz to 500Hz with amplitudes up to 30mm or more. A modified version of this tribometer makes use of piezo-electric actuators to expand this range of frequencies in the case of fretting tests with lower amplitudes.

Security elements included: security limit switch detectors, configurable alarms and limits for the measured quantities, emergency stop, electric securities, etc. A overload protection system is installed in the system:  force  and position alarms (user selectable) to stop the motion and limits for the maximum allowable force or displacement. Different interchangeable modules and sensors can be adapted to this platform and controlled by computer. 


TriboTester testing software for tribological testing 

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